Creativity is for everyone.

Creative life can often look like something that’s only for the chosen few, for people who are born with some sort of innate talent or secret knowledge…

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Creativity is in a nourishing life practice that belongs to everyone. Through creativity, we discover and become our truest selves.

In my work as a creativity coach, I create a space where people can share their dreams, and receive emotional and practical support on their artistic journeys.

Don’t hide any longer. I know from experience that creative longing – no matter a person’s age or circumstances – is meaningful and worth pursuing.

This world needs your story and your light.

With many years of teaching experience, a commitment to mindfulness and embodied practices, and a passion for empowering others, I would be honored to support you on your creative journey.

More on what I’m offering below…

Christine has helped me to rediscover my love for music and to pursue my goals as a visual artist. Her wise and compassionate approach in tandem with her knowledge of somatic practices has helped me to move from an overwhelmed procrastinator to a joyful creator. Her coaching expertise will help you to deconstruct the blocks holding you back and reconnect with your creative self.

Paige W., Multimedia Artist

creativity coaching for all types of creatives

skillbuilding for modern musicians

Your first 60-minute video session is free. Prices below. I’m currently accepting appointments daily between 8am to 9pm CEST (Berlin time). Contact me at

Creativity Coaching

For all types of artists & creative souls, no matter where you are on your journey.

🎨 Are you looking for support in achieving your creative goals or getting creative for the first time?

🛠️ Do you have lots of ideas but find it hard to finish your projects? Or perhaps you have a great desire to create, but find yourself stuck with writer’s block?

⛓️ Do you feel like beautiful ideas are trapped inside you, and you don’t know how to release them?

🎊 If so, creativity coaching can help you!

This isn’t like traditional music or art lessons. I believe that for most people, the missing ingredient to a fulfilling and successful creativity practice lies in cultivating a healthy artistic process, rather than endless refinement of technical skills. Although we can also work on your craft (see the skillbuilding section below), our primary focus is clarifying your visions, identifying the biggest obstacles you face, and tackling those challenges as a team.

In only a few weeks, Christine’s coaching has helped me to finish an important application in spite of dealing with a painful personal loss. She is very empathetic and great at identifying concrete steps that can be taken to bring creative goals to the finishing line.

Athalia, Multimedia Artist

Some examples of things we can work on are:

  • effective goal-setting
  • trying something creative for the first time
  • (re)discovering joy & playfulness in your work
  • making decisions in the creative process
  • organizational skills to bring clarity & focus
  • working through mental and emotional blocks such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism, & people pleasing
  • establishing a regular practice
  • using creative practice to work through emotions & get in touch with our authentic selves
  • meditation & emotional health practices to support your process

Since Christine accompanied me on my creative journey, I’ve gained a lot more clarity about my creative goals. She knows how to break down ideas into actionable advice and attainable next steps that suit my personality, so I’ve become more intentional and focused with the time I spend on music. Her gentle and thoughtful encouragement has been motivating and noticeably increased my confidence to take gig opportunities and bring songs to a state where I consider them finished!

Marc, Electronic Music Artist & DJ

Skillbuilding for Modern Musicians

Need some help with recording, songwriting, piano, livestreaming & more?

In addition to providing holistic guidance towards creating a fulfilling artistic life, I can also provide instruction in specific areas such as livestreaming, basic music production, releasing your first songs independently, songwriting, and improvisation. Reach out to see if I can help you with your learning journey.

Christine has been an massively important influence on my musical development. At a time I hadn’t actually considered producing music, she introduced me to Ableton Live. With just a few weeks of coaching, I was able to record my synthesizer for the first time, then turn those ideas into a full-fledged song – something that was previously unimaginable to me!

Her musical knowledge, passion, and empathy are key elements of her coaching, and I highly recommend her to anyone with even the smallest interest in making music, as she has the resources and knowledge to help you find your voice in the world of music!

Alec, Musician

Open to your life’s creative possibilities. Book your free session today.

Your first session is completely free. After that, I charge hourly on a sliding scale based on your financial situation (suggested prices below). Don’t let financial restrictions be an obstacle to pursuing your artistic dreams. Please get in touch at and let’s work out the right price for you.

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